Resource Manual (scroll down for more…)

The Metro Vancouver Small Farm Resource Manual is a project of the Richmond Food Security Society. This Manual is offered as a resource to small-scale farmers to help them source supplies, services, markets, and knowledge. The manual is a dynamic manual that can expand with your feedback and can be updated easily online.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Can you add a category for education?


    • It’s there: Training and Education”

      You just need to scroll down on the right hand side menu. I’ll actually switch it to “Education and Training” so it shows up earlier in the list.

      Hope you’re well.



  2. There’s nothing on herbs – or perennial crops. Not sure what i am thinking of in particular – could be sources of herb plants, could be sources of herbal products for the farmer (hard working hands salve, sore muscle liniment)…and info on how to grow herbs. I am an herbalist, so pretty much all i think about is herbs!


    • Hi Gillian,

      I like the idea of farmer health products. Just trying to think of a way to put this into a broader category as too many micro-categories can be difficult to manage. But “Farmer Health” might be a good idea. I know there is a yoga class for gardeners here in Vancouver!



  3. Events and conferences might make a good category, as long is there is a way to keep it updated.


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